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Why colaborate with Nova Chance Institute?

Commitment with the Human Being, Ethic and Transparency in actions, Credibility, Inovative Thinking, Respect and Optimization of resources, These are the values that keeps Nova Chance Institute's mission alive by 22 years.

Make a financial donation.

Individuals and legal entitys can colaborate with the social projects of Nova Chance Institute. Your donation will be reverted so that our benefited people have the oportunity to change their own history. Your monthly or one-time donation is essential to this great change.

Help us to help.

Account Information

Name: Associação Nova Chance

CNPJ: 01.800.603/0001-30



Account number:27009-0

More information: 55+ (021) 99798-4942 (WhatsApp) or by email:

Be a partner

The Nova Chance Institute benefits people who live in places with high social risks, providing activities to the human development, education, culture, sports and help support. You can realize a beneficent event and contribute with our projects!

If you know how to organize a beneficent event and to collect donations, contact us by 55+ (021) 99798-4942 (WhatsApp) or

Collaborate with the Nova Chance Bazar

Did you reform your house, renew the decoration, tidy up the closet and don't know what to do with what you don't use anymore? At the Nova Chance Institute we give a new utility to diverse objects that are used, changing the life of many people. That way we have been creating conditions so that children, young and old achieve well being and transform their own reality.

Call 55+ (021) 99798-4942 (WhatsApp) and schedule. Our vehicles are identified and the withdraw have period set. (morning or afternoon).

Be a volunteer.

By 22 years, The Nova Chance Institutetransfors people so that they can transform the world. If you want to be part of this history, be our volunteer and contribute to the development of a society more fair and supportive. Whatever is your hability and purpose, we need you and your dedication. In the case you have interest, Contact us by (021) 99798-4942 (WhatsApp) or